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Building a predictive technology platform for the early detection of bladder health issues

We Aim To Offer Patients Enhanced Freedom And Independence, Provide Doctors With Better Care Options And New Revenue Streams, And Show Significant Cost Savings To Payors

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We are a Houston, TX based digital health device company developing the next generation of medical devices with embedded sensors and artificial intelligence. Originally spun out of Rice University, our company started when collaborating with clinicians at Texas Children’s Hospital. The founders of the company connected with the clinical problem so strongly because a member of the Starling Family was born with a neurogenic bladder, and her and her family have had to deal with the issues with catheterization their entire life. As the team dove farther into the clinical problem, we realized that there not only was a large, widespread, and severely underserved clinical need that affected millions of patients worldwide, but there was a significant value proposition in preventative analytical approaches to bladder health. From there, the team decided to augment the current protocols used to diagnose UTIs in this patient population by implementing a modern AI and tech-enabled solution.

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